Monday, July 18, 2011

Kayaking in Sungai Sarawak

Our next day activity was a pre-booked kayaking package taken with Borneo Kuching Kayak which includes a visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to see the orang utans at feeding time. With RM218 per pax, I found that it's quite expensive and was reluctant to take the package at first but then again, how often that I can kayak along the river for six hours? Money is not everything... :p

We started our day with a stop at the Wildlife Center, we actually arrived just in time during their morning feeding hours. So we managed to catch a glimpse of the huge dominant orang utan male in the group and few other stunts done by the younger orang utans.

After meeting the shy orang utans, we then proceed to kayaking activities through the rainforests between the foothills of soaring limestone mountains.

Our first stop is at Semadang Village, which will be our finishing point to pick up our kayaking gears then they drove us further to the starting point.
Before starting, we got ourselves busy applying sunblocks all over our exposed parts, not that I don't know that it doesn't make any difference anyway... :p

Along the river kayaking, we stopped by few interesting places which includes a secluded waterfall, which is situated just a short walking distance from the river bank. We had a blast playing at the waterfall and capturing little fishes in the clear fresh water. We even caught a little swordsfish, yes a swordfish, at the waterfall, no kidding!

Then our next stop is for a lunch break at a friendly Bidayuh village at Danu Village with the packed lunch provided by the tour packages themselves. Along the kayak trip, we passed by few traverse rapids and pay a visit to a cave under the mountains beside the riverbank. Then we stopped by a sandy river bank which was close to the river cave and took a swimming before reaching Semadang Village.

The day was made more enjoyable and fun thanks to the friendly crew from Singapore and a very nice guide. There were few times we actually had kayak race along the river and have splashes war between each other's kayak.

Overall, it was indeed a wonderful experience to be floating along the river, enjoying the beautiful wonders of nature and the peaceful of the ride.

If you happen to visit Kuching, do try it! Don't worry, there's no crocodiles along the river!

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