Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The hidden beauty of Bako National Park, Sarawak

I have always been a fan of nature, I even tag-lined myself as "Reserved for Nature" and encourage my siblings to enjoy and love outdoor adventures (Though our parents are always against us doing outdoor sports which to them it's consider as dangerous and unfeminine....)

To tell you the truth, though there's alot of Reserved National Park in the Peninsular, but I never actually been to one. (Knock myself on the head cause I couldn't answer why too...) I never would have thought that the first National Park I ever visited would be away in Borneo Island.

So after the ups and downs, got lost and back on track (you need a google map or a working GPS should you wanna drive around Sarawak), we finally reached Bako Village after 1.5hours drive from Kuching city. At first we were confused, is this the National Park because it's only consists of a jetty. Then after processing some information, we finally figured out that we had to hitch a speedboat ride from Bako Village along the river and out to the open sea to actually reached the real Bako National Park.

Speed-boat ride? Awesome!
Out to the sea? Awesome!

Beware of Crocodiles? Not-so-cool!

A small speedboat? You gotta be kidding me!

The entrance fee into the park is not expensive, only RM10 per pax, if you come in group of 5 pax, they'll give you RM30 for all. That's a good deal, isn't it? ~nod nod~
They charge differently for the speed boat transfer, which is RM94 (two ways) for group of 3-5 person.
Our parents were reluctant to come at first but since the price is the same for 3 and 5 person, I believe they find it irrelevant of why wasting the free ride. :p

The speedboat ride was super fun! The small rocky boat did made us worried once in awhile (actually most of the time), but the 20 minutes ride was crazy! Equipped with just lifejacket, in a small boat, out on the open sea, anything could have happen... the adrenaline rush was awesome! It's like being on a roller coaster ride.

The rock formations found around the Bako National Park are spectacular. We enjoyed ourselves taking photos all over the place. We didn't know that Bako National Park offers alot of interesting jungle trails, we missed the opportunity to explore them cause we came with just slippers... :(

Nevertheless we tried trailing to the nearest path which is to the Telok Paku Beach, only 800m away from the entrance of the park (which took us 30 minutes to reach the destination).

Enjoy the pictures of Bako National Park, peeps! Don't mind the silly poses and jumps.
We have lost our minds there... lol

 This is the view of Santubong Mountain from Bako National Park, Sarawak.
Next stop, Santubong Mountain!

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