Friday, February 18, 2011

Skytrex Big Trill Challenge

For those who thinks that Selangor is a boring state, you are 100% wrong!!!
Proof??? I found lotsa cool places in Selangor to be explored and much more interesting way to spend your weekend than just hanging out at the mall.

Here's what I did last public holiday --> Skytrex Adventure. Located in Bukit Cahaya Botanical Park, Shah Alam, it has few challenges to offer you. They have "Little Adventure" for those who just wanna try for fun (for kids mainly :p), "Big Thrill" for those beginners of the challenge and "Extreme Challenge" for those who thinks that "Big Thrill" is just not challenging enough.

You may do your booking online via Skytrex Adventure or just head straight to the park itself and buy your ticket there. My advice is --> book your ticket online and get the first session in the morning. Why? Because it's less sunny and if you're lucky when you come in smaller group e.g a bunch of 2 people, usually the larger group will let you go first. Mind you it's a individual challenge, so unless the person or group in front of you are not a bunch of aunties or height-phobiac, it's okay to let them go first. Why again? Because you don't wanna waste time waiting for the person or group in front of you to finish the challenge.

I did my challenge, which is "Big Thrill" in just an hour, which is quite fast. Me and MHB were lucky that the larger group in the session asked us to go first and they are bunch of aunties.

At first I thought that it's gonna be easy, but the first challenge was enough to get me screaming my fear-of-height inside. I had to climb up a PVC ladder up to 15m high up in the air, my legs was shaking as soon as I looked down from where I am.

From there I have to cross a 15m net bridge and climb further up 2m. Then I had to cross a zig-zag path which is dangling 17m above the ground! It was damn scary and the path ain't stable enough, it keeps on moving with the wind! Next, I had to do a flying fox across 15m, which is 17m above the ground too. I admitted that I wanted to scream, but as I'm a very "macho" girl, I just pretend to laugh instead.


Total there are up to 20 challenges in the "Big Thrill", the first few was very challenging, I mean once you're used to the heights, you can proceed to the next challenge easily. MHB is fear of heights, I dragged him with me though I knew of this fact. But in the end, both of us find it very challenging and fun. It's at an affordable price as well ranging from RM35-RM50.

Next aim --> Skytrex Extreme Challenge (they say this one is more challenging!)
For now, Become a Monkey for a day --> CHECKED

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