Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I, Thank You

Last night just before I closed my eyes to sleep, few scenes of the afternoon's flashbacks emerged on my mind. I don't know why suddenly the image of the blind man and the handicapped man who came to our table to beg for money during lunch, re-appeared.

Remembering the scene where people just shoo them off and ignoring them, actually disturbed me.
I'm sure there's a lot of us who behave the exact same way. I can't help it but to feel very ashamed of myself as I happened to be one of those inconsiderate and selfish person who usually ignored them. I don't even have the courage to look in their eye and say "No".

Instead of looking away or ignoring them, why can't I just give at least few dollars to this poor being? Instead of saying "No", why can't I just say "Sorry I don't have much to give you but may God bless you with your life"?

Sometimes people do argue that we don't need to give to beggars, as it will only provoke them to beg for more as it's an easy way to get money. Some people even say that it is the government's job to help this people as they have billions of welfare to support disabled people.

And I don't know how I agreed to the idea as well. Where is my responsible as a human being?

I know probably it's not the right thing to do to give money, it is not the correct way to help them but that is the least thing that I can do. Though probably the money wouldn't even being used for their own good, for at least it was a token/gift from me as a way of saying thank you to them for reminding me how lucky or grateful I am for being born with a pair of eyes which can see perfectly, pair of hands which can touch and hold the people I love, pair of legs that can take me to places that I want to be, pair of ears to listen to birds' chirping and sound of waterfalls, and a functioning brain to think and to judge.

Everytime when we complain of how hard our life is, think about how harder their life is.
Everytime when we complain of how unfair life is to us, think about how unfair the life is to them.
Everytime when we complain of how bad other people might treat us, think of all the looks people have given them.

Sometimes we were given alot of opportunities to repent and be grateful to God. This was probably one of His way of reminding us of Him, it's just the matter whether or not we are able to see the signs.

For that I give my word that I'm gonna change this ugly behavior of mine for good.
Each of us were being born to this world with purposes.
Find your purpose and live it.


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