Monday, June 20, 2011

Redang Island Escapade

I was never the one who loved the Beach, simply because of few reasons:

1) I don't enjoy bathing in Salty water, the taste is just too salty...
2) I don't know how to swim, all I can afford is to float (just for 20 seconds)
3) The hot sun which cause stubborn evil sunburns...
4) It's filled with hot looking gorgeous girls in super tiny bikini which makes me feel insecure about my not-so-hot body... XP

But since I never went to Redang and from what I heard that the water is so crystal clear, I just can't say no to the trip brought up from one of my colleges though I know that I'm gonna put my skin into a darker risk... Anyone who knows any tip to lighten skin after sunburn please do share your secrets with me!

Enjoy the photos from Redang peeps!

the water is so crystal clear right? See, I didn't lie! Go and catch a plane to Redang now! Like right now!

Getting ready for Snorkeling trip. If I could regret anything that time, I regret that I never had a waterproof camera or at least a waterproof casing along with me. The snorkeling experience in Redang was so magnificent, water is so clear, I can see alot of beautiful fishes freely swimming and corals lies below me. If I could have one wish at that moment, I would have wished to be a mermaid. I did imagine myself as a mermaid though, I can't swim, so I'm very thankful for the lifejacket floats that I'm wearing. (People who invented floats should go to heaven, don't you think so? lol)

It was so BLUE! It felt like almost heaven!

This is the famous More More Tea Inn, it was featured in a Hong Kong romantic comedy movie called 'SUMMER HOLIDAY starring Sammi Cheng and Ritchie Ren. How do I know this? Cause there's one dedicated channel in the hotel room which plays the movie again and again. I could tell you the whole story here but I bet you don't want me to...

  I love this picture the most. I always imagine there's a beautiful mermaid sitting above the featured rock there. :p

After Redang trip:

1) I still don't enjoy bathing in Salty water, since the water is so clear, I just imagine it's not salty
2) I still don't know how to swim, all I can afford is to float (more than 20 seconds, thanks to the floats)
3) I hate sunburns... Gimme back my lighter skin colour!
4) Hate those hot looking gorgeous girls in super duper tiny bikini with nice tanned skin! Life is so unfair! :p
5) Oh I fell in love with snorkeling. Considering to take diving lessons now... ~big grin~

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