Friday, January 21, 2011

ATV Ride: Kampung Kemensah

The new year just started. Me and the guys are eager for an adventure to get our adrenaline pumped up. So we decided to go for ATV ride, though it's one of those expensive thrill, but hey, nothing is free in this world anyway. After googling and made few phone calls for reservation, we already sets our heart up to try it out during the Thaipusam holiday.

The only problem is, we couldn't get enough gang to follow us on this plan.

The girls are just not into jungles and sweat, the daddies will be busy with their family and kid, the soon-to-be-married are concern of their spenditure
Same old boring excuses, lame lame lame...

So at last, only 4 of us stick to the plan. Think it's best we stick to a smaller group anyway.

We started our day quite late, blame to one of our expat, Mr. R who overslept and then act as if it's not him to be blamed. We were concern that the rain will spoil our day, but luckily no signs of rain throughout the ride. From KL to Kampung Kemensah took us less than an hour drive, the place is just right behind National Zoo, Ampang. Becareful driving into Kampung Kemensah as the road is not properly developed yet, so those who driving small car, better not, try and get yourself a 4-by-4.

After reaching the adventure park, we were briefed and given a quick trial on riding the ATV. It wasn't that hard actually, you just need to get used to pushing the gas using your right thumb and get hang of using the brakes. Since my thumb is super small, I need to use more energy to push the gas button and to handle the brakes then navigate at the same time.

Did I told you I got a pink helmet too? Cute right? LOL...

The ATV park offers you few packages of rides depending on your budget ranging from RM50-RM300. We took the RM150 package which involves a two hour ride to-and-fro the base and Sofea Jane Waterfall. The RM300 package offers you a >5 hours ride to-and-fro Bukit Tabur Dam.

So vroom-vroommmm we go....

Up and down the track we ride. Mind you some of the tracks are hard, especially those bumpy and slippery slope. You really need to be careful and control the ATV wisely, otherwise you may end up down the gorge just few inches from the track.

Then we reached the Sofea Jane Waterfall, it was just a small waterfall but it can serve a good place for a private picnic or so. We rested and take photos for awhile there and head back to the ATV base.

On our way back, I thought I'm getting better at gearing the ATV, I must admit that I went a bit cocky during the ride back, cause I thought I'm like an ATV expert already.

Last but not least, I slipped during one corner going down the hill track, and the ATV fell right on top of me. Man, the ATV was heavy, I couldn't hold up so I just let it fell on me, luckily nothing was broken, just ended up with a swollen right arm. Oh yeay, a lovely souvenir from the ATV park. LOL...

We reached the ATV based exactly 2 hours after we started the ride, we cleaned up and chilled there for awhile. The ATV Park is quite well-maintained, the washroom and bathroom is very clean, they even provide Pantene conditioning shampoo! ~clap clap~

ATV ride --> CHECKED!

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