Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Day Out : Bandung

Me and the girls had always wanted to have a girl-only vacation, it's just one of those fetish where we feel like we need to have our blonde moments and imitate the Carrie & friends from the "Sex & the City".

So after looking at cheap air tickets (we are a bunch of cheapskates!), we booked a 5 days holiday to Bandung, plus non of us went there before so it should be a girls-day-out-on-a-unfamiliar-place. Sounds exciting right?

First day arrival, the girls said I've been checked out by the immigration officers and local people, and they started calling me, "Hot Indo Chick" cause according to them I can stop the traffic should I wanna cross the road. LOL! We arrived at night, exhausted and excited with the hotel room which apparently has a see-through shower. Of course no one would dare to use it without the pulling the bind down.

Since we hired a driver to take us around, he brought us to famous shopping places around Bandung. Bandung is famous for shopping, so pardon us for being girls, we certainly CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT resist SHOPPING! Bandung is the land of branded factory outlets, there's alot of branded outlets here which you can't find in Malaysia. The handbags imitations are also like 95% looks like real and cost only 10% of the original price! That's where I fell in love with the Gucci bag, I didn't bought it though just because I'm not much of a handbag person but darn I regret for not buying it now. Famous outlets that you-must-go-if-you-are-in-Bandung --> Rumah Mode, Toko Tiga, lots more cannot remember the name, but there a whole stretch of them along the road, you can just ask the taxi drop you down on that road and go shopping for the whole day.

Next day, we went for sightseeing in Bandung where we were surprised by the overwhelmed tourist guides who kept on following us along the climb to the dormant volcano called Queen Crater of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Luckily I didn't wear heels like the others, it was definitely a long walk to the crater but it's one of the place of nature that you must visit. And make sure you ask the locals to tell you the legend of the Tangkuban Perahu itself, it's interesting!

The few days retreat to Bandung was worth it for shopaholics.

Oh not to forget that we watched the FIFA 2010 final in the hotel lobby where my favourite delicious Spanish footballers won the match of the year!
 Made our way back to hometown safely. Wanna go again? You betcha!

Oh don't forget to try the Avocado Juice and Ayam Penyet there! They are yum-yum!

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